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Key Contacts:
Tony Zamiara - 585-352-7900
email: iip423@aol.com
Paul Tenerowicz - 585-329-0536
email: pauliip@aol.com
Located in upstate New York, our offices are located in Spencerport - a suburb Northwest of the city of Rochester and our warehouse is conveniently located in the city of Rochester itself.

We are a well-established business looking to treat customers the way we would like to be treated. Please call us at 585-352-7900 or e-mail us at iip423@aol.com and let Tony or Paul help you with your packaging needs. Ask them for new ideas or help with your packaging challenges.
We are a company focused on customer satisfaction. We have a very in-depth knowledge of the packaging industry and strive to help customers solve their packaging problems by sharing our knowledge and experience through a consultive approach to sales.

When you call our company, you will be greeted by the friendly voice of someone who will see how they can help you immediately, not a maze of voicemail and recordings.

Our goal is to provide you with beginning-to-end packaging solutions. We will analyze your unique requirements and design a process that will help you automate your packaging using any combination of case erecting, case packing, case sealing, filling, shrink packaging and bundling, stretch wrapping, labeling, and much much more. Not only will your company benefit from faster, more efficient packaging processes but cost savings and labor reduction as well. We can provide all the materials required after your system is in place and in some cases, offer cost savings by bundling your equipment and materials.
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