Marburg Autocapsealer
Marburg Autocapsealer
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Tamper Evident Banding & Shrink Labeling
A Trusted Name in Shrink Label Applicators and Heat Shrink Labels
Marburg Industries... Since 1972
From entry level to high-volume shrink label applicators, to custom add-on components, Marburg Industries is a leader in shrink labels and heat shrink label machinery.
Their Tamper-Evident band and shrink label machinery are high-performance, cost-effective, reliable, user friendly, and are easily integrated into your production line. Marburg builds everything in-house at their Southern California facility so they can customize their shrink label machinery to fit your exact needs.
The Autocapsealer, Shrink Labeling and Shrink Band Machine
Marburg's original Autocapsealer! Years of refinement have proven this series of autocapsealers to be reliable, efficient and profitable for companies in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. These autocapsealers are ideal for mid-range product, processing up to 200 units per minute. Higher speeds are available with a dual head station.
Marburg Autocapsealer
The Excellent Choice for an Entry Level Shrink Labeling and Shrink Band Machine
Simplicity of design, user friendly interface and ease of use make it easy for line personnel to understand and operate. Using a spacing wheel instead of traditional feed-screw product transport mechanisms, changeover takes less than 10 minutes, thereby increasing output and efficiency. Once you've enjoyed the increased output and efficiency, you'll understand why hundreds of companies have chosen Marburg Industries products.
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